Aaron is a Solar Installer and Lindsay is an artist and they live in Haddam, Ct.  They joined forces in 2015 to focus on their urban farm labor of love.


 They purchased the property in 2015 with dreams of using the property for a sustainable lifestyle.  The garden expanded fast, and they were able to incorporate more crafts and hobbies centering around our beliefs in good stewardship, hard work and sustainable living.

Clarks Creek Farm is a 6 acre farm located in the beautiful river valley of Haddam, Ct.  It started with 2 goats and dreams of being sustainable. The farm was founded out of a love for agriculture and as a way to ensure safe food for their family. They pride themselves on using sustainable practices so that this land can be viable for generations to come.  

Why we are farmers?

There’s no one good answer to this question. Good food, local food, community, playing in the dirt, taking care of the earth, we all have our own reasons for being farmers.



STEWARDSHIP: We believe that we have a responsibility to take care of the things around us.  We are learning better how to do that all the time.

SUSTAINABILITY: If it's sustainable that means you can do it forever without running out of resources. In practice, that means reusing more goods, relying on more hand-      crafted efforts, and enjoying more of what you already have.

SERVICE: People are the most important thing.