All photography provided by Lindsay Carroll

 At Clarks Creek Farm we know that you feel better about buying food when you know that it’s fresh and completely natural. We do too!

We’re proud of the high-quality veggies we produce locally, and that’s why we think you’ll be completely satisfied with the food you buy from us.

HOW we do it

Livestock feed our plants, and our plants feed our livestock. We grow. We eat what we grow. We save a seed from what we’ve grown.  We repeat.

We urge all small farmers and consumers to join us in the stewardship of rare breeds and heirloom seeds. Both add unsurpassed beauty to the diversified small farm. Most often, rare breeds exhibit minimal food requirements, disease resistance, docile temperaments, and strong maternal instincts. Heirloom seeds are more beautiful, and tastier, than their commercial counterparts.  As small farmers and consumers, we can protect the genetic diversity in livestock, poultry, and seeds, safeguarding these treasures for future generations. We can keep alive traditions of old that may, one day, become useful again.

What We are into