Our Mission is to provide wholesome, nutritious food to our fellow humans while protecting and nurturing the part of the earth we steward.  Further, we strive to create a dynamic, diverse, and beautiful farm environment, have a ton of fun, and make a decent living doing it.  

...We're still working on that last part, but the rest is falling into place nicely.  

We Keep things Simple

Just pure and simple love.


methods and goals:

Healthy land, healthy animals.  We support a diverse and healthy pasture through the rotational grazing of our animals; and in turn the health of the animals is supported by being moved regularly to fresh pasture.  Our goal is to eventually grow much of the feed ourselves by planting food-bearing natives, such as hazelnuts, service-berries, huckleberries, blueberries, paw-paws, plums, cherries, and apple trees.  These trees and shrubs will provide food and shade for the animals as well as diverse habitat for wildlife and native pollinators.


Restoration of wildlife habitat, combined with producing food.  By restoring native habitats on our farm, we can both produce food, and support native bio-diversity on the same piece of land.  We believe the marriage of farming and nature conservation is a great way to support a healthy relationship between humans and the ecosystems we inhabit.

Soil is improved each year.  Good soil is the foundation of a productive farm and a diverse ecosystem.  Biologically active soil is generated and held in place by perennial plants being grazed by livestock.  Nutrients are returned to the land in sustainable amounts and do not wash off into local waterways where they would have a negative impact downstream.